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Keep calm & eat like a local

For you, life is one big adventure that has to be lived to the fullest. Above all, you’re a pleasure seeker who uses your senses to soak up your surroundings. Your eyes fill with wonder at the vast snowy expanses, the incredible alpine panorama and the beauty of the artworks exhibited in the resort. Your tastebuds and sense of smell feast on the many gourmet pleasures – from both the Valais or from a more exotic location. Your ears happily listen to a live concert. And after doing all that sport, what about a soothing massage to ease your aching muscles? Verbier with all its facets provides an amazing infinite playground!

When you’re on the slopes, only one thing runs through your mind: you have to find the perfect spot for an unbeatable panoramic view of the mountain landscape. If the only way to do that is to climb to the top of Mont Fort, you’ll do it with gusto and even hide your excitement as you reach your target. Once you’re satisfied, start your descent, but make a swift stop in an alpine chalet for a good local vintage – it must be aperitif time! The view is still spectacular and the sun warms your skin – what a great feeling! 

As soon as you’re back in the resort, join your loved one in front of the Verbier Cheese Dairy. You’ve heard a lot about Eddy Baillifard, cheese ambassador of Bagnes, and want to learn more about the production of his famous AOC raclette cheese. This gives you an appetite and you can’t resist the temptation to taste the final product. After a delicious snack, enjoy a little post-prandial nap in the sun. A late-afternoon walk allows you to be wowed by the various sculptures found all over the resort. But the day is drawing to a close and you have to choose how to end it in style. Hamburger or poké bowl? Tapas or rösti? The dizzying range of options offered by the most cosmopolitan of Valais resorts makes your head spin!

Your stay moves ahead in a refreshing and uplifting tone. You attend live concerts and tasting sessions for both local and international products. You’ll soon get the hang of Swiss traditions. You’re already looking forward to attending the election for the best Swiss cheesemaker (Swiss Cheese Awards) to be held in September 2020 in Bagnes.

In Verbier, anything’s possible. Its location in the heart of the Alps doesn’t cut this charming village off from the rest of the world. Quite the opposite, there’s everything here to satisfy even the most demanding pleasure seekers. And from April 1st to 4th 2020 at the Haute Cuisine event, they’ll have the opportunity to taste creations from Michelin-starred chefs invited by the hotel W Verbier. Enjoy yourselves!

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Make your own cheese

The art of cheesemaking has been handed down from father to son. La Laiterie de Verbier – a traditional family business – offers workshops and tastings. Cheesy heaven guaranteed!


Haute Cuisine by W Verbier


For four days, the Hotel W Verbier transforms into a gastronomic destination. Join us for the ultimate tasting experience and some delightful moments shared with ten Michelin-starred chefs. They’ll unveil their world to you during interactive cooking classes and exceptional dinners.



At Mountain Thyme, your children can learn the new cooking techniques while concocting a dish with the products of the region in one hour only and in a relaxed athomsphere.


Brewing and tasting Valaisanne beer

Is beer brewing a Swiss tradition? Yes, in Verbier it is thanks to the Vie Montagne brewery with its restaurant, bar and guided brewery tours.

Special offer

Art, bed & breakfast

Every winter, Verbier combines art with innovation as part of the Verbier Art Summit. The unique event brings together world-renowned artists, academics and thinkers. Our special offer gives you preferred accommodation rates so you can check out the event and explore the resort at your leisure.


Raclette at any time

The Raclett’house restaurant, run by Eddy Baillifard cheese ambassador of Bagnes, is a real institution and a must-visit for those who like to sample local specialities.

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