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Those who know you, know your rules. When you’re on holiday, you stick to one single rule: “NO HOLDS BARRED!” You want to relax and enjoy all life’s pleasures with your friends. Is the evening fun? You’ll make it last all night. You’ll have plenty of time to recover later – possibly by having a long lie-in. Skiing can wait and will probably be better in the afternoon, so you can then spend time with the other skiers and enjoy the relaxed, vibrant atmosphere of a traditional après-ski. Verbier in all its guises provides you with an amazing infinite playground!

Staying in Verbier during the winter season means you’ll never get bored! Is the alarm going off at 10 a.m on the dot more difficult than you thought? Treat yourself to a delicious invigorating breakfast in the resort. You’ll then be all set to meet your friends and stroll around the scenic Valaisan village. You get carried away in the trendy boutiques. You’re having fun but you finally decide to head to the slopes to show off your shiny new ski helmet. 

After a few runs on the sunny slopes of the 4 Valleys, you stop to enjoy a local speciality – raclette over a wood fire – bask in the sun and take in the breathtaking view from your sunlounger. The very definition of happiness! Ah, aperitif time is approaching. You and your friends make a quick detour through the Sculpture Park – a true meeting of art with the mountain. You then move to one of the bars at the bottom of the slopes with your ski boots on. The vibe is at its peak boosted by the live concert!

It’s time to put on comfier clothes. So here you are, ready for another crazy night. There’s a massive list of restaurants. You and your friends choose to feast on Indian and Pakistani flavours before heading to the resort’s trendy bars and clubs. Do you like electro music? Perhaps it’s actually Polaris festival this weekend when the hottest DJs come to town. You hop from one to place to another and check out different music styles. Hard to stop … but why should you? You’re here for a good time after all.

In Verbier, anything’s possible. You can let yourself go and do whatever you fancy. There’s no use planning. Valais’ most cosmopolitan resort has everything you’ll need for an unforgettable carefree stay!

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Your turn to play


Unstoppable après-ski

On the slopes or in resort, bars battle it out to win over weary skiers. An electric atmosphere, live music, beers and cocktails all take centre stage.


Polaris Festival

28.11 – 01.12.2019

The Polaris Festival kicks off at the end of November and attracts the hottest DJs to Verbier. Come and dance to the beats and eclectic sounds of these artists – young talents or true icons of house music – who hail from Geneva, Paris, Berlin, London and even Chicago.


Carefree evening whatever your pleasure

Verbier’s restaurants, bars and clubs promise a vibrant nightlife scene. Local and international specialities, concerts, DJs – anything goes right up till dawn!


Brands galore

Shopping in Verbier means wandering from store to store taking in the picturesque atmosphere of a mountain village while enjoying everything a major metropolis has to offer.


When art meets the mountain

Art is everywhere in Verbier thanks to the 3-D Sculpture Park at an altitude of 2,300m. The exhibited works are accessible to both skiers and pedestrians.


Relaxation and well-being

After a good workout comes a cool down. To finish off a beautiful day out in the fresh air, nothing beats a pampering session. You’ll be spoilt for choice with massages, treatments and more.

Experience the unlimited

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Challenge yourself 

Keep calm & eat like a local